Burlesque b*

2015 Regional Contestants

We are proud to announce the 2015 Burlypicks Regional Contestants for ILLINOIS . Learn more about them by viewing their Burlesquepedia entries.
Boobs Radley
She knows how to thrill a mockingbird...
Ms CherriesJubalie
The Ass Too Dangerous for Prime Time TV
Diva LaVida
& Master of Comedy
& Master of Amazement
Gruff & Tumble
Featuring Bumble
2nd Place!
Hot Lunch
The Hardest Working FUPA in Show Business
Master of Lip Sync
Joseph CR Vourteque
JuJu Minxxx
Lady Lennox Antibiotix
Master of Improv
Claira Bell
Master of Singing
Miss Monet MaCabaret
The Judy Garland of Burlesque
Master of Tassels
Phaedra Black
The Villainous Seductress
Raven McCaw
The bird of your paradise.
3rd Place!
& Master of Assels
Spiffy Kins
The jiggle in your wiggle.
Synful LeFemme
@ The Devils Blush
Vanna Tease
Serving you Class with a BIG side of Sass
Whiskey Sixx
She always goes down smooth...
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