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Dahlia D'Luxe

Performing since 2010

Cleveland, Ohio - USA

Dahlia D'Luxe has delighted many with her "sexlarious" burlesque style since arriving on the scene in late 2010. As a founding member of the comedic burlesque troupe, "Hilar-A-Tease", she danced and hula hooped her way through various cities and shows including Pretty Things Peepshow, Sin and Skin, Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest, and more! In addition to touring as a solo performer, she can be found dancing with "Tease and Thank You Burlesque" from Cleveland Exotic Dance. She lives in Akron, OH with her husband, Chuck Wagon (stage name) and her dog Peter Nincompoop (not a stage name).

Dahlia has performed with/at: Cleveland Exotic Dance, Pretty Things Peep Show (With GoGo Amy, Donny Vomit, Little Miss Firefly, and Heather Holiday), Danielle Muad'Dib, Thor Nado, Dot King, Doll Bambino, Celeste DemiLass,Shazzy Lou, Tess La Coil, Constantinople, The Red Hot Heathens, Sabrina Chap, The Legendary Satans Angel, Champagne Shock and The Shockettes, Fever Blister, Bella Sin, Viva Valezz! and The Velvet Hearts, MrDexter Wilde, Cherry La Voix, Bronutz;Creamy Delight, Pinch and Squeal, Dr Sketchys Anti Art School (Cleveland), Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest, Sin and Skin 5...and more!

(Black & White Photo by Heather Wack, Color Photo by AClevelandPortrait)


Performed in/with
Cleveland Exotic Dance

Tease and Thank You Burlesque
Toxic Burlesque Entertainment
The Red Hot Heathens

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