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Cruel Valentine

"Chicago's Own Community Chest"

Performing since 2007

Chicago, Illinois - USA

Cruel Valentine is Chicago's Own Community Chest. Originally from Ann Arbor, MI, she has made herself at home in the Windy City. A life long singer, actor, dancer and artist, Valentine began performing the art of burlesque in 2007. Since then, she has spent the past several years performing her way across the nation, racking up numerous awards, honors, and headlining appearances. She is an independent performer, producer and teacher of burlesque, as well as partners in crime with Sauda Namir, forming the online store Suadela Intimates, your go-to for custom pasties, vintage pin up couture and other titillating burlesque accessories. With extensive experience in theatre, music and dance, she is a triple threat and then some, fusing multiple styles in her performances. A dedicated story teller, Cruel Valentine is never afraid to go there, or to make a mess with her art.

For booking or press inquiries, please contact theCruelValentine[at]gmail.com.

FEATURED VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/67527373

Website: http://CruelValentine.com
Performed In:
Ann Arbor MI
Atlanta GA
Austin TX
Chicago IL
Cleveland OH
Columbus OH

Detroit MI
Frederick MD
Los Angeles CA
Madison WI
Madrid Spain
Milwaukee WI

Philadephia PA
Pittsburgh PA
Rochester MN
St. Paul MN
Washington D.C.

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