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Bo Blush

Your Luscious Crush

Performing since 2014

Savannah, Georgia - USA

Bo Blush is a burlesque performer, producer, and photographer with Tied & Tasseled Fetish Cabaret based in Savannah, GA. She’s performed in cities across Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas since 2014. At the Savannah Burlesque Festival 2019, she was bestowed the “Animal Magnetism" award. She will also be performing in the 14th annual London Burlesque Festival this May! Her inspiration comes from music, sex, cosplay, and the love of dance! As a cosmic being from the Orion star constellation, Bo is embracing the human experience through movement and imagery. Sensuality and sexuality are her foreplay, she’s your luscious crush, Bo Blush!

FEATURED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvHAi0wF7bo

Website: https://tiedandtasseled.com
Performed In: Georgia
North & South Carolina

Troupes: Tied & Tasseled Fetish Cabaret

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