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Madam Ofeelya Redd will iambic your pentameter!

This sultry siren seamstress will iambic your pentameter. The voice of a fucking baby angel, but even angels do bad things.

Performing since 2012

Hailing from Columbus , Ohio, this auburn-haired vixen is known as the drama queen, sultry, siren seamstress of sing and fling. She performed theatre since fifth grade and stumbled upon burlesque in 2012. Since then she’s performed with various troupes, but is now an independent performer. Burlypicks Ohio 2017 & 2019 Mile High Festival - I Didn’t Inhale Competition 2019 Midwest Burlesque and Rockabilly - 2018 Ohio Burlesque Festival 2016 Heavy Metals collection at the 2019 Alternative Fashion Mob finale. Drauma 2015 & 2016 Clash Fashion Show Alternative Fashion Mob 2018 & 2019 Second Runner Up- The Dope Show

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