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Endora Emerald has a true passion for animals, pin up and the vegan lifestyle. She was crowned Miss Autorama in 2017 and graduated from the Detroit School of Burlesque in 2017.

Endora rescues, fosters, and re-homes, dogs and rabbits as well as TNR efforts with the feral cat colonies in her Detroit neighborhood.

Endora was taught how to sew by her grandmother and mom at a very young age. That knowledge has led her to create many one-of-a-kind unique dresses, headpieces, and elaborate costumes.

Endora is truly an old soul, born much later than her time. She loves and respect the culture of old, and honors that with her lifestyle, pin up modeling, and burlesque performances.

FEATURED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/FUc6R_plGnY

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