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Bump in the Night Ghoulesque

The Sexiest Creepshow in Atlanta!!!

AKA: Risky Sour
Valerie N. Steele

Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Bump in the Night Ghoulesque is Atlanta's first and only horror burlesque troupe.
Their first show was "Sin and Salvation" at the Days of the Dead convention in Atl, Ga February 2018.
BITNG is a nerdlesque collective specializing in all things Horror. For bookings or enquiries  Email [email protected]

Founder/CoProducer: Risky Sour

CoProducer/Social Media: Valerie N. Steele

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BITNGhoulesque/
Performed In: Atlanta

Troupe Leadership: Risky Sour
Valerie N. Steele

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