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The Juke Joint

Ocean Springs, Mississippi - USA

100 Year old house converted into a Juke Joint. This Joint sits on 1 1/2 acre with a huge outdoor back patio with a outdoor stage and bar. This bar is also covered by 7 historical oak trees that have lights threw out. Or joint has front parking, an additional 1 1/2 acre of parking in side lot. This Joint opens at 5pm and has full menu and full stock of bout every liquor n beer till 6am. Come get some!!!! 

Monday: Open Mic Night, 9pm Comdey, 10pm Music with Marlow Ramirez.

Tuesday: Bike Night 7pm

Wednesday: $2 Wells

Thursday: Karaoke 10pm with $3 you call it drinks

Friday: Ladies Night with Live Music 10pm

Saturday: Drink & Drown with Live Music 10pm

Sunday: Open Jam with 3HG 10pm with ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAWFISH noon-till

Website: http://www.msjukejoint.com/

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