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Detroit Grand Cabaret

Detroit's Premier Burlesque Troupe

The Detroit Grand Cabaret is a burlesque troupe produces recurring burlesque shows in Michigan. The troupe features a number of different styles, including classic, vaudeville, comedy, punk, macabre, and neo-burlesque.  DGC also hosts renowned national performers and emcees. Troupe leader Miss Holly Hock, producer of Speakeasy Sundays and Headmistress of the Detroit School of Burlesque, has gathered together the most unique performers in the state.
Our Detroit burlesque troupe members have won numerous awards for their performances - from Burlypicks to Detroit Autorama! We promote burlesque that includes all body types, ages, gender identities, and ethnicities - because that's the way it should be!

Our members include:

Kitten Von Mitten

Leena Allure

Magenta Demure

Wednesday Wilhelm

Kitty Hawkk


Veronica Lockhart

Miss Ana Phylaxis

Sable Fox

Lorelei Fontaine

Chantilly Sass

Endora Emerald


and troupe leader Miss Holly Hock

Visit DetroitGrandCabaret.com to read more about our performers, see photos, and future burlesque show info. 

Website: http://detroitgrandcabaret.com

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