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Lakota Shekhar, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret

Shimmy Shaker Master Mischief Maker, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret

Performing since 2013

Cleveland, Ohio - USA

Lakota Shekhar is the current Master of Assels for Michigan BurlyPicks 2016 as well as, producer, belly dancer and burlesque performer specializing in fire poi, stilt walking,and sideshow. She is also the founder of Blackwater Cabaret,TM of Cleveland, Ohio. Lakota began her career on accident. As a favor to a photography student, she posed in her flashiest belly dance costume for a photo shoot. Photos hit Facebook and the performance requests were received.  Lakota's resume as a performer includes movie appearances and music vidoes as a fire performer and a headliner at several national cons as a belly dancer and burlesque artist. As well ,as appearances on local broadcast shows, podcasts, and radio. Ms. Shekhar does travel and is a huge fan of Miss Hazel Jones and her Rhinestone Review of The historic Skulls Rainbow Room in Nashville, TN. Costume making and learning from everyone around her rates pretty high on her list too. In her spare time, she is learning aerial yoga and training to be a mermaid. Lakota Shekhar can be found on Facebook, Instagram (lakota_bwc), or via email: [email protected] *Blackwater Cabaret is a trademarked brand and use of it's name or images is strictly prohibited*


Website: https://www.facebook.com/lakota.shekhar.5
Performed In:


Troupes: Blackwater Cabaret Pinup Perfection

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