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Jezza Belladonna

Shaking up the Redwood Curtain with giggles, curls and curves!

Eureka, California - USA

Jezza Belladonna has been performing with the VaVaVoom Burlesque Vixens out of Eureka, CA since 2015. Known for her energetic stage presence, comical neo burlesque style, and voluptuous curves, Jezza Belladonna enjoys riling up a crowd. She is a member of the Humboldt Burlesque Festival planning committee and enjoys helping with the graphics for the VaVaVoom bimonthly shows at the Eureka Theatre.


Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017293515071
Troupes: VaVaVoom Burlesque Vixens

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