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Evangeline Cain, The Creole Queen

She slithered up from the muddy waters of South Mississippi to vex your souls!

Ms. Evangeline Cain is a burlesque performer with Colorado Spring's super troupe, Peaks and Pasties.  She has been performing since January 2014.

Originally from the deep south, this performer always has just a little (and sometimes a lot) of her signature Voodoo in every act.  Usually focusing on the dark and otherworldly, you will never want so badly to be hexed as she draws you into her grasp and slithers into your heart and soul.

Most memorable is her voodoo stage make-up, you'll never know what she'll do next! 

FEATURED VIDEO: http://youtu.be/23MXVTSUirw

Website: https://www.facebook.com/evangeline.cain.75

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