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The jiggle in your wiggle.

Spiffy Kins is the burlesque alter ego of Mae the Bellydancer. She is a queer, feminist, neo-burlesque performance artist, who punches beauty standards in the gut, and does so with a well lip-lined, red glittered smile. From her humble beginnings as the resident ass shaker in the original Hot House ensemble of the Girlie-Q Variety Hour back in 2005, to co-producing the Varietease Cabaret with Backdoor Aly, to directing her current burlesque troupe, The Knock Knock Hot Spot, Spiffy Kins has been a staple of the Chicago burlesque community. She has had the pleasure and privilege to perform with most of the troupes in Chicago since her inception, but her heart really goes out to the Ties and Tassels folks for giving the queer burlesque community a permanent home in town and to Hot and Heavy Burlesque for creating a space where burlesque meets performance art, and story telling is just as valued as the swarovski crystals on your costume.

She combines her long time love of the shimmy, flashy costumes, and cockamamie dance ideas into a now well recognizable performance style that is so Spiffy. She is also a fire performer, working on mastering the rope dart, fire poi and fire fans. She has performed all over the country in shows such as the Windy City Burlesque Festival, Texas Burlesque Festival, Fierce Burlesque Fest, Viva Dallas, and in any other place that allow her to take it off and set things on fire!

Also, have you seen her twirl assles? It's a sight to behold. 22 years of bellydance, 9 years of burlesque and an ample ass equals ass twirling gold. 

FEATURED VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/album/2165177/video/82066914

Website: http://www.knockknockhotspot.com

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