Burlesque b*

Vivi Valens

Teaser with Original Tease and Coquette at Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Performing since 2012

Chicago, Illinois - USA

Born and raised in South Texas, Vivi is a transplant to the Chicago-land area. Thanks to her handy-dandy B.F.A. and perfectionist tendencies, Vivi fills her days obsessing over kerning and "big ideas." When she is not day-dreaming about pet ownership and Tex Mex food you can find her fine tuning the art of bumps and grinds at Studio L'amour or serving up some teases with the good folks at The Kiss Kiss Cabaret and Original Tease.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/vivivalens
Troupes: KIss Kiss Cabaret and Original Tease

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