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Lottie Ellington

The owner of the twerk hear around the world

Performing since 2011

Richmond, Virginia - USA

Lottie Ellington Virginia’s infamous “Twerking Teacher”; the lady who’s “twerk broke Hopewell”  Lottie won the title of Burlypics Michigan’s 2015 Master of Assels and footage from her now infamous “Twerking in the Rain” number was recently named the Burlesque Box most viewed video in 2015! 

Originally from Detroit she owes her a huge debt to her "fairy-god mothers" for the use of their names!   She has performed in Washington D.C., Richmond, Virginia, Baltimore Maryland and of course her hometown Detroit, Michigan! Last year she was featured in Michigan Burly Pics,  performed and instructed at the First Annual Plus Sized Belly Dancers convention and Purrrlesque Follies, La Boom Boom Room with Deanna Danger in Charlottesville, Virginia and returned Michigan to perform at the First and Second Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival! 
This year she can be found teaching and performing at The Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston, Mass. and the Dangerous Curves Body Acceptance Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Website: https://www.lottieellington.com
Performed In:
Richmond VA
Baltimore MD
Washington D.C.
New York

Detroit MI
Charlottsville VA
Greensboro NC
Boston MA

Pittsburg PA
Atlanta GA & Cleveland OH

Troupes: Boomeets Richmond VA

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