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Mona del Rio

The Black Magic Woman

Denver, Colorado - USA

Mona has been a performer since she was 8 years old having started her career as a competition singer. She lived in Corpus Christi, TX where she was a resident lounge singer and member of the band Latin Influenze. She dove into burlesque in 2008.

Mona's style is driven by the pride she has for her Mexican culture. She embraces the sensuality of her heritage through a unique combination of modern dance and old school traditions. She truly aims to be a crowd pleaser and on her best days sings and strip teases at the same time. She is small woman with a huge voice.

Whether she is dancing or singing, Mona is sure to captivate the audience through her "black magic" of motion and sound.

FEATURED VIDEO: http://youtu.be/7_M6JvUBiJ0

Website: http://www.monadelrio.com

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