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Boom Boom Bridgette

The Buxom Beauty with the Bangin' Booty!

Performing since 2010

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - USA

As many entertainers will tell you, they can be just about anyone they want to be, get lost in a character and be that person for awhile.    Taking on a role, or stepping into a character for a performance on stage, sometimes means being able to escape reality, and live out a fantasy you otherwise would never do or be.  Still others will tell you it's strictly a serious, yet fun and hardworking job.  And, finally, there's Boom Boom Bridgette who explains it best, as a burlesque entertainer.

Boom Boom Bridgette said, "An experiment in body confidence [and self esteem]." 

The name Boom Boom Bridgette suggests a larger-than-life, extroverted personality with guts, brass, creatively and artistically sexy, sassy and classy burlesque performer.   That's true.  And what else is true is that the beautiful woman behind the mask of Bridgette is pretty opposite in personality.  A self-described shy and quiet person, the issues of self esteem and body confidence are proudly put to rest as she steps into the persona of Boom Boom Bridgette.

Bridgette came alive in the year 2011 after experiencing the Organ Grinder's Ball in Ohio and saw a golden opportunity to confront her feelings about her body and her overall lack of confidence and self esteem in herself.  Knowing the Bridgette inside of her can't wait to be on stage and play out a wide range of emotions and physical reactions, burlesque became the outlet that would allow Boom Boom Bridgette to really come alive.     

This does not mean that Bridgette is a complete fabrication.  She displays a real soul, real ideas and feelings, along with a body becoming more and more embraced by her.  And the best part?  Boom Boom Bridgette, knowing that the meaning of burlesque ultimately comes down to the art of tease, fleshes out the performance of tease by weaving in stories, ranging from deeply personal, to depressing to vibrantly sexy and fun. 

Stephen King, world famous horror fiction writer, said in a seminar that there is always an element of truth in every work of fiction.  For him, tapping into the real truth of fear enables his work of fiction to be more real, and leaves a definite impression on the reader. 

So too are Bridgette's performances.  It sets the woman who created Bridgette free to be able to incorporate real events or emotions behind what is otherwise a work of fiction!  But she definitely inspires, motivates, and leaves a lasting impression on her audience, who may have initially been there for the tease, but no doubt comes away knowing just a little more about the woman behind Boom Boom Bridgette, her personality, her soul, her dreams and hopes, her regrets, her fears, her happiness and how best she exudes sexiness as she more and more realizes she has nothing to fear.

Boom Boom Bridgette is a plus size performer who uses her artistic and creative talents to make all of her own costumes and pasties.  So the audience is treated to a one of a kind look every time Bridgette steps onto the stage.  Not to mention, they get a performance from a woman who definitely shows that being plus size is equally as sexy as those who are not, and is single handedly changing how people think about full figured women. 

Now, if that isn't enough to call her unique and amazing, the woman behind Boom Boom Bridgette is also the founder and head of Pin Up Perfection Magazine that she started in 2009.  In conjunction with the magazine is the all-sexy, very fun "The Pin Up Perfection Pageant" held once a year in Pittsburgh, PA.  Contributors from all over the world help with the magazine and women all across the country participate in the pageant, so Boom Boom Bridgette is quite the successful lady and definitely a trailblazer worth checking out!

Bridgette is also CEO and Founder of Pin Up Perfection Magazine (http://pinupperfectionmagazine.com/) as well as founder of the Steel City Cabaret.

Article by: Teddy Sephina


Website: https://www.facebook.com/boomboombridgette
Troupes: Steel City Cabaret

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