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Holly Hock

The Strawberry Vixen

Detroit, Michigan - USA

Miss Holly Hock is a Detroit based Burlesque performer and producer and also the headmistress of the Detroit School of Burlesque

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Miss Holly Hock's career as a burlesque performer began in Indianapolis. For years, Indy has had a high concentration of burlesque troupes performing a variety of styles and at many different venues - from classic to neo-burlesque.

Holly began performing with numerous local troupes. With this exposure to styles, Holly solidified her own: sultry classic burlesque fused with a modern twist. 

In 2012, Holly decided to move to Michigan. She continues to regularly perform in both Michigan and Indiana as well as throughout the US. 
She now produces a monthly burlesque revue called Speakeasy Sundays and is the headmistress of the Detroit School of Burlesque. 

Known as the Strawberry Vixen, Holly has performed at the Dirty Show 2013-2017, the 2013,2014 & 2016 Burlypicks, The Michigan Burlesque Festival, The Detroit Erotica Ball, for the Detroit Institute of Art, with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and many others.

Winner of the 2015 Detroit Erotica Ball Performer of the Year Award, Master of Tassels & the Silver Medal at the 2016 Michigan Burlypicks. 

Visit www.misshollyhock.com to see whats coming up or to hire Holly for your next event! 

Website: http://www.misshollyhock.com

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