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Wisconsin Burlypicks, May 4, 2019
Event Code: 226

Organized by: Elle Mae and Andy Michael

The Burlypicks is in search of the best of Burlesque and Variety Arts entertainment from around the world, and will be coming to The Algoma Club
, May 4, in Osh Kosk for the 2019 Wisconsin Burlypicks, brought to you by Elle Mae and Andy Michael.


Burlypicks is the ultimate burlesque showdown and it starts in a city near you. Acceptance into the The 2019 Burlypicks World Championship will be contingent upon winning in a Regional competition or being one of the top 3 placing "people's choice" winners, in Burlesque B's annual online contest. We are committed to re-expanding the definition of Burlesque to include all the variety that make it a national treasure and world wide entertainment phenomenon both today and in the past. To that end, we are encouraging Stripteasers, Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Aerialists, Jugglers, Clowns, Comedians, Comics, Ventriloquists, Sideshow acts, Drag acts, and anything we haven't seen yet, to complete for the gold!

The overall winner, along with anyone selected for a Masters Award, will get to compete for their category representing Wisconsin at the finals in Columbus, Ohio, October 3-5, 2019. Burlypicks will be featuring meet and greets, classes, after parties, and more. We will also be working with the local community to have a full weekend of fun and surprises in store for those who perform and attend. Performers are responsible for obtaining their own travel and accommodations for finals. The overall Best act at each regional does receive a cash prize.

Acts may be 2-6 minutes in length and can include individuals, duets, or groups. Acts can include any type of talent. Each act will be eligible to win any of the titles. The acts are judged in a manner that does not favor any one style of performance or type of talent. The Best overall category, receiving Gold/Silver/Bronze medals, are judged based on 5 disciplines: Talent, Poise, Polish, Costume, and Creativity. In addition to the Master's categories, the Finals will include additional guest judges and award other superlative titles.
Master of Assels and Master of the Tassels will be judged by audience applause, as determined by the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. If for some reason the MC can not determine a winner, the judges will be brought in to decide a winner, based on their read of the audience applause, and not on their personal opinions of the performance. 

ADDITIONAL RULES: For the best overall category only, 2nd place will be invited to compete, in the case that 1st place is unable to attend finals. If 1st and 2nd place can not attend, the 3rd place overall will get the chance, and so on. Judges are selected in each city with diversity in mind, and acts are judged equally for the style they represent. A comic and an aerial performer would obviously not have the same style of costume or the same type of talent, so each performer is judged based on the what they are doing. Each city will be selecting a limited number of acts. This exact number is dependent on many factors, including the venue and city in which the show is taking place.

Each performer or group of performers may only perform for Best Overall one time in a single Burlypicks show. If you are a solo performer, a duet performer, and performing in a group, you may perform for Best Overall category for each of these, but not twice as a solo act. You may be selected to perform one act, which will be up for more than one category (ie Master of Comedy and Best Overall) or you may be selected to perform multiple acts for different categories. Which categories you are competing in are up to the Producer's discretion, and whether or not the award is given, is up to the judge's discretion. You no longer need to request to be entered into a category (If you're funny, the producer and/or judges will recognize you for Comedy). For each act that is submitted, performers must submit a separate application and $15 fee.

Just because you fill out the application and pay the application fee does not guarantee acceptance to the competition, but we do try our best to include as many people as we can for each event. You may apply to compete in additional Burlypicks shows, but as the winner of a certain title, which is also an invitation to Finals, you may only win the same title once. (ie if you win Master of Tassels in Ohio and nothing else, then you may compete in Pennsylvania for all other titles but the aforementioned.)

IMPORTANT SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: There will be no use of fire, aerial, or glitter, per venue restrictions. Please contact the local producers if you plan to use strobes or any other lighting effects, confetti, liquids, ANY messy materials, or if you plan to enter the audience and make any physical or verbal contact with audience members, you must contact local on site producers to discuss exactly what you would like to do, so attention can be given to every situation. *Doing something potentially dangerous and failing to notify producers and following given protocol may result in the disqualification, as to be be determined by production team on a case by case basis.
Failure to arrive at call time without prior conversation with the producer may also result in disqualification.

The cost of entry is:  $15

Sorry, Applications are Now Closed

If you have already applied but have not paid your application fee yet, use this button:

NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact [email protected]



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