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The 2015 Burlypicks Florida Regional
Event Code: 110

Organized by: Jenna Beth and Burlesque Bitch

The Florida BURLYPICKS in West Palm Beach Florida, July 25
, 2015

This year's Burlypicks will be bigger, better, and more challenging, with more titles to win and more cities taking part. It's the ultimate burlesque showdown and it starts in a city near you. Acceptance into the The 2015 Burlypicks Finals will be contingent upon winning a medal at a Regional competition or being one of 6 "People's Choice" winners in Burlesque Bitch's annual online fan favorite contest.

The winner in each regional event will be invited to compete at The Finals with their Main Act for the Grand Prize. We will also be awarding, based on your performance in your Main Act or an additional shorter act, 4 Masters Awards; Master of Lip Sync, Master of Singing, and our two new regional titles; Master of Amazement and Master of Comedy. We also will be awarding Masters' Awards for 3 Games; Master of Improvisation, Master of Assels, and Master of Tassels. When you win a Masters Award you can also compete in that Masters category at The Finals.

Burlesque Bitch is committed to re-expanding the definition of Burlesque to include all the variety that made it a national treasure and world wide entertainment phenomenon. To that end, we are encouraging Stripteasers, Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Aerialists, Jugglers, Clowns, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Sideshow acts, Drag acts, etc. . . to complete for the gold! The acts are judged in a manner that does not favor any type of talent. The Main Acts are judged based on 5 disciplines: Talent, Poise, Polish, Costume, and Creativity.

The Games; Master of the Assles and Master of the Tassles, will be judged by audience applause and determined by the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. If for some reason the MC can not determine a winner, the judges will be brought in to decide based on their read of the audience applause.

Acts may be 2-8 minutes in length and can include individuals or groups. Additional 3 minutes or less acts may be submitted, in addition to the Main Act, for consideration for one of the Masters Awards. the selection committee for a region may chose to have one of your short acts in the show or not. The Main Acts can include any type of talent, and each act will be eligible to win any of the titles.

The cost of entry is $15 and the application will be open February 1, 2014 - June 1, 2015.


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