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Jan 19, 2013

Purrrlesque! is proud to announce The Second Annual Purrrlesque! Follies Burlesque Showcase!  January 18th and 19th on the Main Stage at Triad Stage in downtown Greensboro, NC!!! The theme of this year's Follies will be "Beautifully Empowered" … each person see's beauty in their own way, and each's person's definition of empowerment come's from a different place… but each person is beautiful, and we strive to inspire each person to seek that empowerment. Burlesque is a medium for many to find both of those things with in themselves. It is also a place where the audience can relish in those gifts in others. Come and be inspired by our Beautifully Empowered messages. *** Purrrlesque! is happy to announce we are opening the application process for The Second Annual Purrrlesque! Follies Showcase Charity Burlesque festival! Please submit your performance application by Nov. 1st 2012. We are looking for a BROAD mix of talent in several area's to showcase the many talents that burlesque/vaudeville has to offer! Neo-Burlesque, Side-show, Boyselque, Queerlesque/Genderbending, Music, Vaudeville, Classic, Variety, or whatever your flavour we want it ALL! There are many slots for the showcase which will be reviewed by our expert panel and chosen accordingly and then a pre-party show will be held on Thursday the 17th and brunch the 20th for performances we just can't turn away! It's going to be a sequined, feathered, glittertastic monument of amazing burlesque shimmey sensationalism to showcase our theme BEAUTIFULLY EMPOWERED! all for the benefit of our soon to be announced charity. Two nights showcasing the arts finest at the festival with a pre-performance, brunch, workshops, special events, and fun planned through out the weekend!***
We hope to be able to work with everyone! BUT also understand that sometimes there isn't enough space for that, SO please be patient as we try to be as fair to every performer, the Art, the audience, and ourselves as possible. While this is a charity festival we do require a fee to apply. This is common for any festival and is no different for this one. Running an event such as this is expensive, and while we try and keep operating cost as low as possible this doesn't change the expenses we will incur.
If you are interested in being a Workshop Presenter or EmCee please fill out the PRESENTER FORM.

We will be announcing the Guest EmCee's, Workshop Presenters, and ALLSTAR PERFORMER's as well as Headliner's as they are booked! Don't worry it's gonna be even better then last year and a glittertastic time!!!

The Performer Application Fee is $15

Website: http://meowbaby.wordpress.com/follies/registration-for-purrrlesque-follies-burlesque-showcase/
Metro Area: Greensboro
North Carolina

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