About Snap-eaze

Snap-eaze is a 2-piece system, a pastie and a liner. These two pieces are made to be connected together and taken apart with only a twist.

Why Snap-Eaze?

If you're a performer you'll know that removing and re-applying pasties throughout the night can irritate your nipples. Once removed, the leftover glue can transfer from your skin to the inside of your clothes, ruining your favorite shirts and bras.

With Snap-eaze you can quickly snap-on and off one pair or pasties without having to re-apply glue, since the liner is the only thing glued to your skin. After your performance is over you can leave your liners on until you get home, where you can wash your skin without getting glue in your clothes.

Since the pasties are not directly glued to the skin they never have to be washed. The liner itself can be easily washed without ever putting the gems, lace or decorations of the pastie at risk.

Various Size and Peaks

We offer our pasties in 4 sizes, measured in diameter.
    - Small 50mm
    - Medium 55mm
    - Large 60mm
    - XL 70mm

We are also offering various peaks.
    - Alpine; 1:3 rise over diameter
    - Gradual; 1:4 rise over diameter
    - Gentle; 1:6 rise over diameter

Alpine is our standard triangular peak. Gradual gives the same angled shape but at a lower height. Gentle has an even lower height and is softly rounded across the top.

All pasties of a given size and peak will fit liners of the same size and peak. In fact, pasties of a higher peak will still work on liners of a lower peak, as long as they are the same size.


Since our pasties are 3D printed, we're able to print them in any shape imaginable. All shapes of a given size and peak will fit on a liner of that size and peak, but will extend beyond the edge liner. Standard shapes include Diamonds, Hearts and Stars.

Speciality shapes are more unique; the Spider branches large with it's many legs, the Octopus is molded to have more surface dimension, and the Multi-part Flame is comprised of 3 different colored shells glued together. They are good examples of what we can do with your custom shape order.


Snap-eaze pasties can be ordered with a spinning twirler for tassels. The twirlers are sturdy and designed to easily spin. We even offer a line of high-quality tassels which can be added to your order.

We also offer our pasties with gem patterns. The gem patterns are 5mm recesses in the surface of the pastie in which you can glue in rhinestones and crystals of your choice. Inset gems are more secure than gems glued to the surface, making them less likely to pop-off and be lost.

Our 3D Printed pasties are finished with a gloss coating to smooth out the surface and give it a shine, but they can be ordered without the gloss if you're planning to decorate, as glue will hold better to the unglossed surface.

Custom Order

If you wish do do a bulk order for your troupe or resale, or get a special shape designed, please contact Crystal Swarovski at [email protected]


A pair of Liners is $10.
A pair of Round Pasties is $20.
A pair of Standard Shaped Pasties (Dewdrop, Diamond, Heart, Star) is $25.
A pair of Speciality Shaped Pasties (Spider, Octopus, Mutli-part Flame) is $30.
If you want to order a custom made shape or mutli-part design, the design charge is additional $50.

A pair of Standard Tassles is $4.
A pair of Fancy Tassles is $6.

Adding twirlers, gloss, and gem patterns are free optional features.