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An Enchanted Evening
A Nigh of Disney Parody Burlesque - June 2nd 2017

Sponsor your regional Burlypicks or at The World Championship Finals

Tickets: The 2017 Colorado Burlypicks
@ The Oriental Theater

Always Classy Tie Necklace **Custom**
Classically Fun...

Teaserama DVD
Bettie Page in Burlesque's Biggest Beauties

Blush and Bashful
I said my colours are Blush and Bashful (Steel Magnolias)

Celestial Bodies
Purple and Blue (The Crystal made me do it)

Leopard Love
Leopard and Crimson red!!

I guess Sunburst is good enough

Harvest Rose
I pooped on a flower

I am the Firestarter (hey, hey, hey!)

Twilight Sparkle
Friendship is Magic Bitches!

Baby Burst
Tiny Flower whole lota attitude

Gothic Princess
P to the R to the IN to the CESS

Sequin Explosion Clutch
Its a Sequin purse, who doesn't need one in their life?

Turkey Ruff Solid Color 8-10" Diameter
Large Glamorous Boas

Roxy Necklace & Earrings
Stunning Jewelry

chrome performance top corset bustplate

burlesque choreographer
hire a choreographer for your next burlesque act....make your act stand out!!

Cherry Earrings
Many Different Colors Available!

Golden Orb Long Tassel Necklace
Navel-Length Vintage Beauty

Lucite Globe - Frozen Ocean
Mystical and Glimmering Globe

Lucite Cube - Summer Sky
Mystical and Glimmering Cube

Burlesque Bitch Bumper Sticker
Bump 'n Grind



Sexy costume and lingerie fantasies!



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