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The Song & Dance/Pants & No-Pants Man!

Chunkie Simone
Your Favorite Fantasy

Vesper Valentine
The Velvet Vixen of Burlesque

Bunnicula Blanc
The Bunny With The Bite

Tallulah Talons
The Giantess of Burlesque

Booty Boop

Miss Mary Jane Green

Delta Van Damn
from the Deep Down Dirty South

Miss Mary Jane Green
The Trouser Tent Teaser

Retta Roscoe
The sweet and sassy force of fierce. She's six feet of dynamite!

Kami Oh!
You've never seen a walk-on role with so much shimmy and shake!

Jacqueline Hyde
The International Bad Ass

Miss Brawling Beauty
The Mistress Of Moxy

Blue Onyx
The Beautiful Beast of the Eastern Wilds

Tawdry Quirks
The Honeyed Homewrecker

Andromeda Demure
Princess Of Tease

Ginger Lucy
A Sarah Lee Cupcake Confection

London St. Juniper
The Gin Palace Special

Vixen Dior
Because playtime should always have a little luxury...

Olive P. Cox
There is no denying that she really loves p. Cox

Buster Von Strapp

Dixon Derrière
Boylesque / Burlesque Performer - Detroit

Willa Wildcarde
She's always got an ace up her sleeve!

Butchertown Burlesque: At The Southern w/ Alli and The Mainline

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