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Glamour Junkies
Rock n' Roll Neo Burlesque at its F***ing Finest!

Capital City Burlesque
Edmonton's Premiere Burlesque Troupe

Delta Van Damn
from the Deep Down Dirty South

She’s the sweetest treat to keep the stage neat!

Kay Cee Sunshine
The DISCO INFERNO of Burlesque!

First Annual Bourbontown Burlesque Festival!
@ Tim Faulkner Gallery

Dec 16, 2017 - Dec 16, 2017
Amaretta Sour
Arizona's Fresh New Tease. Little bit of both Sweet and Sour.

Divina Moorephina
Arizona's Antidote

Clint Julep
Fresh new dancer who will leave you dizzy.

Lakota Shekhar, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret
Shimmy Shaker Master Mischief Maker, Cleveland's Best Kept Secret

Ruby Rumcake

Annie Position
Nerdy, pervy, and dirty.

Harley Sparkles
She'll get your motor running!

Uphoria ReignBeaux

Miss Maryjane Rosé
Girl next door type? Or a freak in the bedroom type?

Fifi Nom ‘N Nom
Sparkle bubble of joy

Darling Darla James
The Sideshow Showgirl

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom

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The Juke Joint

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Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia

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Ru Bella
She's the fever you're dying to catch!

Willa Wildcarde
She's always got an ace up her sleeve!

The Black Sheeps of Burlesque

Detroit Grand Cabaret
Detroit's Premier Burlesque Troupe

Marie X'tasy

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