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Edmonton’s Burlesque Speakeasy
Reviewing House of Hush’s ‘Fast and Loose’

by Dylanna Fisher
The 2019 Burlypicks Winners
New World Champion: MidnightWaterfairy

by The Webmeister
Bella Sin Wins Fan Favorite Contest
With runners up Midnight Water Fairy and Kacie Jay

by The Webmeister
The 2019 Fan Favortie Contest
Beginning on June 1st

by The Webmeister
Bay Area Burlypicks!
California Regional moves to the San Francisco area for 2019

by The Burlypicks
Masters of Collaboration
Announcing a New Burlypicks Master Category

by The Webmeister
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by The Irresistible O
The 2018 Burlypicks Fan Favorites
Congrats to the new Burlesuqe B*: Miss Brawling Beauty

by The Webmeister
The 2018 Burlypicks Schedule
Applications are Open Now!

by The Webmeister
Volunteer at the Burlesque Hall of Fame

by Burlesque Bitch
Uma Shadow Wins the 2017 Fan Favorite Contest
... for the second year in a row!

by The Webmeister
5th Annual Fan Favorite Contest
Starts June 1st. Enter now!

by The Webmeister
Burlypicks 2017 Regional Competitions Begin
Arizona and Missouri Bring it On!

by The Webmeister
Burlesque Bitch Fan Favorite Contest Results
Meet the 6 winners who earned their place in the Burlypicks Finals

by The Webmeister
ECC Presents Oddfellow's Oddities Talkshow Variety ODDTV - Episdode 3

by Casey David Ward
Step by Step Guide to Getting into your First Festival
6 steps to the stage!

by Lottie Ellington
Miss China Doll
Don't let the name fool you , she's anything but fragile

by China Doll
ECC Presents Oddfellow's Oddities Talkshow Variety ODDTV - Episdode 2

by Casey David Ward
Meet the GLCC 2016 Mentoring Legends, Pt. 2

by Tas DeVille
Meet the GLCC 2016 Mentoring Legends

by Tas DeVille
ECC Presents Oddfellow's Oddities Talkshow Variety ODDTV - Episode 1

by Casey David Ward
Sexual Orientation and Burlesque
The Dirty Word

by The Irresistible O
Golden Legends Champion Challenge

by May Hemmer
Women Who Rock
The Red Hot Heathens were born

by Rosie the Reveller
Burlesque Republic
a book that gives a unique insight into Germany

by the webmeister
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