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Can I Add content to Burlesque B*?
Yes! Anyone can add to the Burlesquepedia. Simply click on the Add to Burlesquepedia buttons or links found while exploring the Burlesquepedia or Calendar. Follow the on-screen instructions and your article will appear imediately upon submission.

What the difference between an Openly-Editable and Locked article?
Openly-Editable articles can be edited by any casual visitor to the website. In fact, we rely on the community to keep the information on open articles accurate and up to date. For example: Fans of a performer may add their shows into the calendar to lend their support, but other attendees may go in and fill in missing information. Of course, this creates the potential for misrepresentation, which is why we allow articles to be locked with a Facebook account.

Articles Locked to Facebook accounts can only be edited by the people who created them in the first place. This allows performers and event organizers to have control over how they are represented on Burlesque Bitch.

Someone wrote an article about me or my show but I can't edit it! What can I do?
You can have an existing article about yourself, or about an event you organize, locked to your own facebook account. Simply go to the Facebook Connection page and follow the steps. You will be given a chance to explain why it is you feel you should have sole authorship control of an article, and after a short review, you should be granted that priviledge.

My locked article automatically uses my Facebook name. Why is that?
This is because we want to keep people from anonomousely posting inflamitory content. Let's face it, there are some catty bitches out there and the auto-stamping of an author's Facebook name to an article is an important measure to prevent abuse.

If you were unable to create a Facebook persona with your stage name, and do not want your real name posted for your own personal security, we may be able to create a special consideration for you.

I have a more complicated Technical problem. How can I get help?
Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

NOTICE: As of July 2020 features which require facebook login suport will no longer function. If you used Burlesque B* for applications and need access to your data, please contact webmaster@burlesquebitch.com



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