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Reviewing House of Hush’s ‘Fast and Loose’

by Dylanna Fisher

House of Hush performs Burlesque's shows throughout Alberta Canada. They perform monthly speakeasy events hosted at Crash Hotel. Founded by LeTabby Lexington and Violette Coquette in November 2017, this dancing duo is approaching their two-year anniversary.

The monthly speakeasy is split into two events; the main show and a late show. The late show is, well, later. It’s specifically designed as an overflow for attendants. If they aren't sold out in the main show, there isn’t a late show.

Their website describes the events, “The acts will be totally different from the early show, so feel free to purchase tickets for both shows and make it a full night of House of Hush!”

Walking into the venue felt like walking back in time. Crash Hotel brought you right back to the vintage era of burlesque. Crash Lobby and Hotel is intimate in all of its details. It’s a small venue to start. The dark wood bar and dark ceiling make it seem even more intimate. Displayed along the back wall are backlit liquor bottles, another they’re meant for advertising its perfect with their aesthetics. The dim lighting added to make the atmosphere cozy, and intimate. A perfect venue for a burlesque show.

It’s an elegant, beautiful, and powerful performance. However, there are concerns as to how cozy the venue is. Guests were set with other guests to fill up the four chair tables. From the ends of the venue, there was a very inconvenient obstruction. A pillar sat in the middle of the space, thus in the middle of the performances.

The dim lights and sparkles combined to make the dancers the brightest thing in the place, drawing the eyes of the entire audience.

Did I mention that Crash Lobby And Hotel has large windows at the front? And along 103 street no less with several bars such as the Church Of John, Evolution, Thrift Shop. One of the patrons of another bar got a full shot of breasts with only pasties covering the sensitive bits. His mouth hit the sidewalk in shock but didn’t look away

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Oct 17, 2019.
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