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Steampunk Heat

Stoking the boiler at Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III

by Alien Twilight Photography

Steampunk subculture began with fans of the steampunk alternate history science-fiction subgenre that began in the 1990's, Since that time the subculture has grown to include literature, movies, comics, cosplay enthusiasts, LARPs, games, and its own Victorian-era-that-never-was design aesthetic.

Many steampunk enthusiasts have organized into "Airship" groups around the country. One such group is Dayton Ohio's Airship Passepartout. Formed by steampunk enthusiasts Captain Sir Ernest Suszczynski (the Captain of Airship Passepartout) and Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom, the Dayton airship exists to give steampunk friends and fans in Eastern Ohio a place to get together, appreciate each other's creations and share ideas, and most of all have fun.

The Vendor Room at Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III

Captain Sir Ernest Suszczynski wanted to hold events to give not only the members of Airship Passepartout a reason to gather, but also to encourage members of airships from across the midwest to come to Dayton and connect. Thus began the old tradition (started just this year) of periodically holding one night gatherings and bringing together steampunk fans, vendors of steampunk-related paraphernalia, food, drink, and entertainment, and for a few hours letting a small corner of Dayton, Ohio take a different branch along the timeline.

Members of the general public are also invited to attend and enjoy the show and find out if they'd like to climb aboard the airship. Fortunately for everyone, the captain has eclectic tastes in live entertainment, and has been inviting a wide variety of performers to come to Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret. Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III was held late in November and I knew some of my favorite circus and burlesque performers would be there, along with some new ones I had not seen before. I decided it was time to stoke up the boiler on my steam-powered ornithopter and head up to Dayton for the show.

The performers at Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret III included circus and sideshow, fire flow, bellydance, and three different bands. The performers came from all over Ohio and Kentucky.The night was rounded off with a dance hosted by DJ V-Ral. So let's take a look at the acts that lit up Dayton for a night.

The Rough Customers
Punk/Ska band from Lexington, KY

Blue Moon Circus
Blue Moon brought various acts of derring-do to the event from Louisville, KY

Skye Amos Wolf
Fire flow from Yellow Springs, OH

Troupe Roja
Belly Dance from Dayton, OH. The troupe did a theatrical "Steampunk Frankenstein" story, in which Frankenstein brings to life an army of steampunk robo-dancers to take over the world with the unstoppable might of belly dance. At the end of their show they did an impromptu "belly dance class" with the entire crowd.

Curse Of Cassandra
Electronica band from Dayton, OH

Stixen Stones
Draglesque from Cincinnati, OH

DaShane StarFox
Fire flow from Cincinnati, OH

Tinderbox Circus
Circus, sideshow, burlesque and general weirdness from Lexington, KY

Ford Theatre Reunion
Gypsy/Punk/Circus band from Lexington, KY. At one point in the show FTR was joined by Captain Darren Von Awesome of Tinderbox Circus and provided musical accompaniment to his human blockhead routine.

Obviously it was a solid night of entertainment for a surprisingly low ticket price. Several acts and several hours of performance in the midst of a large colorful cosplay party. I highly recommend you hop aboard the airship for the Captain's next gatherings in 2015. You can find out how to keep track of what the Airship Passepartout is up to from their website.

Till next time, have a great holiday season!

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This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Dec 09, 2014.
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