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Apple Angel interview

I think everyone has a kinky side they would like to let loose more often and I'm just the girl to help them!

by Burlesque Bitch

Apple Angel interview


BURLESQUE BITCH: How long have you been a burly girl?

APPLE:  I have been performing and producing burlesque since late 2010.  I can't imagine how empty my social life must have been before I took the burly stage for the first time!  Now it's full of rehearsals, shows, events and incredible travel!
BURLESQUE BITCH: What is the burlesque scene like in Oklahoma City?
APPLE:  There are quite a few burlesque and variety shows in Oklahoma City.  The scene is growing each year and it's really fun to watch.  We are still teaching our audiences how to respond to the art of the tease and building a strong fan base but the growth is exciting.
BURLESQUE BITCH: Your troupe is a major part of the scene?
APPLE:  Absolutely!  TnT Burlesque & Variety Troupe is one of the major performance troupes in Oklahoma City.  We are very lucky to perform at an amazing dinner theatre venue (The Boom) and do various charity events, as well.  We don't perform at "family friendly" events but I would rather perform at more adult events, anyway.  We are a pastie friendly group!
BURLESQUE BITCH: Can you tell me about the members of TnT burlesque?

APPLE:  My co-producer, Vanity Halston, is an incredible female impersonator from Los Angeles who keeps
the audience in stitches hosting every TnT show.  Darcy "Dollface" Darling will wow you with her soulful voice.  We have belly dancing from Fatimah who also is a belly dance instructor.  Our classic and neo-burlesquers are Eva Aphrodisia, Lily DeathStar and myself.  In our most recent show we have two burlesque debuts from Valerie de Renard and Badd Bessie. TnT also has Oklahoma City's first drag burlesque performer, Carmen Devereaux, who always surprises the audience with her beauty and grace.  I couldn't be prouder of my troupe and it's growing family.
BURLESQUE BITCH: Are you one of the founders of the group?
APPLE:  I am the founder of TnT.  I attended BHoF in 2009 and couldn't get home and begin learning the art fast enough.  Within months I had held auditions for TnT and had the first show venue booked.  I had previous business experience as a former owner of multiple restaurants so the business aspect of producing excited me and learning more about the stage craft was the kind of challenge I had been looking for. 
BURLESQUE BITCH: What would you tell to any performers who might be interested in joining TnT?
APPLE:  I'm always looking for new talent to join the crew.  We have an internship program where new members can start out kittening and be part of our group routines to ensure that they fit the feeling of TnT.  We've had great luck with new performers and I love building and growing the OKC scene.  Anyone interested in joining or talking burlesque with me can contact me through[email protected].  I answer all emails and love talking about this amazing craft.
BURLESQUE BITCH: Where can our readers see TnT in action?
APPLE:  TnT is doing three fully produced shows at The Boom in Oklahoma City this year.  Our first show is February 28, March 1 & 2.  Once that show closes we go right into rehearsal for our summer show (July 25-27) and then to close out 2014 we have another three night show November 28-30.  Tickets and information on our cast is available at www.tntsizzle.com.
BURLESQUE BITCH: You recently performed at The Dallas Burlesque Festival, how was that?
APPLE:  I didn't perform, just attended, unless you could the dirty dancing I got to do with Buck Wilde during the Dallas showcase on Thursday night!  That was fabulous!
BURLESQUE BITCH: You are also a writer in addition to performer? Where can we read some of your work?
APPLE:  I have multiple articles in Bachelor Pad and Bachelor Pad Nightcap Issue 1.  I also have written for Playzom (and am a former cover model for their Summer 2012 issue).  I am currently working on a period piece that begins in the time of Jack the Ripper and works its way through time to the present day that I'm very excited about.  I am also assembling a cookbook that should be available in 2015.
BURLESQUE BITCH: What are your burlesque aspirations?
APPLE:  I have never felt so at home than I am with my Glitter Tribe.  My heart is filled when I perform and I hope to grace the world stages for a very long time.  I want to tour more of the US and bring my special blend of neo and fetish burlesque to the masses.  I think everyone has a kinky side they would like to let loose more often and I'm just the girl to help them!
BURLESQUE BITCH: Where can our readers see you perform in the near future?
APPLE:  TnT's next show is February 28, March 1 & 2.  I, personally, will be performing for Kawaii Kult at The Church in Dallas, TX on March 23 and Nude:X in Tulsa March 28  29 with my newest fetish routines.  Let's just say... you'll never watch Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony the same after these performances!

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Mar 07, 2014.
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