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Melody Magpie Interview

The Princess of the Burly-Cute

by Burlesque Bitch

Melody Magpie interview
"The princess of the burly-cute."

BURLESQUE BITCH: When did you first discover burlesque?

  I started going to local burlesque shows around a year before I started performing. I fell in love with the costumes, the creativity, and the overall sense of fun that I saw at the shows. I made it my business to try and attend every local burlesque show I could! I distinctly remember buying a set of pasties at the first burlesque show I ever attended- I NEVER thought I would wear them on stage at the time. A year later I was taking burlesque classes from the woman who made those pasties (Deanna Danger) and I definitely have worn those same pasties on stage.

BURLESQUE BITCH: Tell me a little about the group you are in, "Those Freaking Weirdos."
Those Freaking Weirdos is made up of Moxie La Bouche, Dev L. Ish, Dante the Inferno and myself. We are a newer neo-burlesque troupe in the Richmond burlesque scene, and we tend to be extremely silly. This January will mark the one year anniversary of the first show we ever produced. Recently, we scored a monthly gig at Stangeways Brewery called "Brews & Burlesque" that has been a hit! The show takes place inside an actual brewery and there is a backdrop of beer kegs!

BURLESQUE BITCH: What's been your best experience in burlesque thus far?

MELODY: I have had some amazing memories in the short time I have been performing, but one of the best experiences so far was when I filled in at the Richmond Burlesque Revue (produced by Deepa De Jour) on short notice -just a few hours before I had to perform! I performed my most recent routine at the time, a really playful steampunk inspired number where I turn my body into a giant face. I've performed at the Revue many times and it has always been a fantastic experience, but what got to me this time was the reaction of the crowd! They were so loud and excited- I really started to feel like a rockstar, even with goggley eye pasties on my boobs (ESPECIALLY because I had goggley eye pasties on my boobs!)

BURLESQUE BITCH: What is the burlesque scene like in  Richmond   Virginia ?

MELODY: I'm constantly amazed by the talent and creativity that surrounds the Richmond scene! Deanna Danger has a burlesque studio, Boom Boom Basics, that is always bringing in new creative energy to the scene. We have the Richmond Burlesque Revue that puts on a fabulous and inspiring show every month, Little Show Peep is ridiculously entertaining, Cherrie Canary always have something fun and creative up her sleeve with Voix de Ville Follies and the Focus Fox girls always put on a great show. The Slomski Cabaret is fabulously entertaining everywhere they perform. Last year, The first Virginia Burlesque and Sideshow Festival was held in Richmond at Dogtown Dance theater. I could write whole pages about how much I love this scene and I hope I'm not leaving everyone out. Richmond gets bigger by the minute!
BURLESQUE BITCH: Where do you find your inspiration?
MELODY: I have a very strange sense of humor! I like to joke that I am fueled by internet cats, and that is halfway true. I'm actually performing a tribute to 'Lil Bub this weekend at Brews and Burlesque this Friday (1/10). My boyfriend, Steven Warrick is an incredible artist who actually designs a lot of the posters for Richmond Burlesque shows. He's constructing me a massive 'Lil Bub mask for the routine and it is going to epically disturbing. I can't wait to bring out Sexy Bub!
BURLESQUE BITCH: You were a performer at The Newcomer's showcase in  Boston . How was the event?
MELODY: I had a great experience in Boston. I had only been performing for a few months when I was accepted to perform, and it was a huge honor (and a big shock) to get that acceptance email! I did have my worst nightmare come true about an hour before I was supposed to perform… I had switched hotel rooms that morning and when I made it to dress rehearsal for the show I realized I did not have the dress I was supposed to perform in- I never saw it again! I almost had a meltdown, but Buster Britches (another fabulous Richmond performer) had my back! We bought a dress at a vintage vendor in the hotel, and Buster sewed beaded fringe to my dress as I pulled myself together. The performance actually went really well, and I know I will always have fond memories of my first festival. Ironically, the routine I was performing was a tribute to Charlie Chaplin done to the song "Smile". The lyrics of that song fit perfectly with how I felt at the time and it still gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up a little bit when I think about it!
BURLESQUE BITCH: Any plans to perform at any festivals this year?
MELODY: Yes! I just got accepted to perform at the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival this year! I can't wait to perform in Atlanta for the first time!
BURLESQUE BITCH: 2014 marks the 3rd year of your burlesque performance career. What plans do you have?
MELODY: I actually only started performing burlesque in September of 2012, so I think it will be two years in September (which is amazing to me- time really flies!) I kittened, took classes and interned for a long time before I started performing. As for future plans? I'm just trying to perform as much as I can, travel to new places, and build my skills.
BURLESQUE BITCH: Where can our readers see you perform?
MELODY: I have a monthly gig at Strangeways Brewery on the second Friday of every month! I perform quite often in the Richmond scene. My troupe, Those Freaking Weirdos, also produces quarterly shows at Centerstage Richmond in the Gottwald Playhouse. We have a show, Animal Kingdom, on 1/18th- I'll be bringing out some sexy 'Lil Bub action for that show as well.

Images: the Fairy photo and the one with the red dress are credited to Dave Parrish Photography. The one with the large top hat was taken by Lauren Lyons.

This Article was published in the Burlesque Bitch Ezine on Jan 07, 2014.
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