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About The Burlypicks

Talent is the driving force behind our yearly competition. We feature performers from multiple disciplines, locations, and experience levels, to compete at both the regional level and World Championship level. We believe that an art form is defined not by an organization or business, but by the performers who embrace the art and contribute to their field. Therefore, unlike other burlesque competitions that categorize and separate levels of experience or styles, we gather a variety of performers, with different types of experience and put them all up for the Best Overall act for the night, while allowing special nods to stand-out talents with the superlative titles. This unique competition connects young and seasoned talent alike in a way that no other competition ever has.

The Acts

Acceptance into the The 2019 Burlypicks World Championship is contingent upon winning in a one of the Regional competitions taking place around the world or placing in the top of The Burlesque B* People's Choice Awards. The 1st Place Winner in each regional event will be invited to compete at The World Championship with their Main Act for the Grand Prize. We will also be awarding 4 Masters Awards; Master of Lip Sync, Master of Singing, Master of Amazement and Master of Comedy, and competing for these titles is contingent upon winning the regional title or being in the top of the Burlesque B* People's Choice Awards.

Master of Lip Sync will be awarded to the act that displays the most impressive skill in Lip Syncing in an act. Master of Singing will be awarded to the act that displays the most impressive vocals in an act. Master of Amazement goes to most shocking, dangerous, mysterious, or talented act that brings our jaws to the floor. Master of Comedy goes to the joker who makes us laugh the hardest.

The Burlypicks has no intention of defining burlesque, but we allow the community to decide what kind of acts they want to bring. Open to endless variety and encouraging Stripteasers, Dancers, Musicians, Magicians, Aerialists, Jugglers, Clowns, Comedians, Ventriloquists, Sideshow acts, Drag acts, and more. . . to complete for the gold! The acts are judged in a manner that does not favor any one type of talent, acts for the Best Overall act of the night are judged on 5 disciplines: Talent, Poise, Polish, Costume, and Creativity.
Acts may be 2-6 minutes in length and can be individuals or groups. Applicants may fill out additional applications to perform a second or third act, to be considered for Masters titles only. The selection committee for a region may choose to have one of your short acts in the show or not; acceptance of your main act does not guarantee acceptance of your additional act and vice versa. Danger acts are dependent on the venue, and may require the performer to be insured or follow other stipulations put in place by the venue or local production team.

The Games

We also will be awarding Masters' Awards for 3 Games; Master of Improvisation, Master of Assels, and Master of Tassels. When you win a Masters Award you can also compete in that Masters category at The World Championship.

In Masters of Tassels you take to the stage with your opponents and have 2 minutes to twirl your tassels to the crowd. In Master of Assels, the same game, but you shake your money-maker. Performers must supply their own costume for these events, including tassels and assels. The winners of Master of the Assles and Master of the Tassles will be chosen by audience applause and determined by the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. If for some reason the MC cannot determine a winner, the judges will be brought in to decide based on their read of the audience applause, not their personal opinion of the performance.

The Improvisational contest put you on stage with a random song, a random prop, and a random rule to follow. Winning is based on whoever navigates these obstacles to put together the best act when put on the spot, as determined by the panel of judges.


Regional performer applications are open now. APPLY NOW to be a part of a competition near you!


The World Championship Burlypicks Weekend will be held in Columbus Ohio, Thusrday October 3rd through Saturday the 5th. Winners from each Region compete for the Grand Prize, Masters Awards, and added superlative titles.

The Burlypicks is proud to use PrintingCenterUSA for our yearly program booklets and brochures.



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