2013 Contestants

We are proud to announce the 2013 Burlympics contestants. Learn about them by viewing their Burlesquepedia entries below.

Ada Lavender
leggy. limber. luscious.
April Showers
The Silver Fox that'll knock you outta your socks!
Arabella Allure
The Wonder from Down Under
Bianca Boom Boom
The Triple B With The Double D's!
Bourbon Rose
She's silky smooth...180 proof
Bourgeois Betty
Burlesque's own asshole
Cabernet Dance
Cruel Valentine
"Chicago's Own Community Chest"
Performer. Instructor. Designer.
Dutchy Tulips
As Gouda as it Gets!
Fleur Mystique
The classy, quirky wild *flower* of burlesque
Greta Grenade
She's the bomb that goes off in your hand!
Jade Esteban Estrada (Pretty Boy Rock)
The Prada Enchilada
Kat De Lac
Steel City Kitty
Lady Satan
The Amy Sedaris of Burlesque. The girl with 1,000 faces. And the Devil's Ex-Wife
Lyra la Belle
Australian burlesque performer, go-go dancer, producer and all-round cheeky showgirl.
Madeline Sinclaire
Mercury Troy
the Patron Saint of Virgin Strippers
Miss Holly Hock
The Strawberry Vixen
Nikita Bitch Project
Godzilla of Burlesque
Pearl Lux
The Cultured Pearl
Pixie Stixx Burlesque
San Diego's sweetest burlesque dance troupe!
Catch Me if You Can Here on A Journey of Escape for A Beautiful BLVD.
Scarlett Letter
Four Feet of Red Hair and Miles of Bad Intentions
Sgt. Die Wies: Musician, Producer, Artist & Burlesque Performer
The Bay Area's 6 Foot Tall Baby Griaffe ... brutal as hell and metal as F%$#!
Sheila Starr Siani
The Sweet Trouble Maker
Tito Bonito
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Victory Variety Hour

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