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Buster Von Strapp

Performing since 2012

Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Buster Von Strapp is a burlesque dancer and performer from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

He began his burlesque career with a local burlesque and drag troupe called Sissy's Sircus whose goal it is to represent and perform for the LGBT community in the Cedar Valley Area.  He started backstage working as a hairdresser, makeup  artist, costumer, and light technician in 2012 for their show Future Lover's.  Shortly after he got the bug and performed under the name Buster Cherri in the first ever Cedar Valley Pride in 2012.  Since then he performed in Cedar Valley Pride in 2013 and 2016, with an appearance at Quad Cities Pride Festival as well.

His most consistent appearances have been the main stage show that Sissy's Sircus produces at the Oster Regent Theatre in Downtown Cedar Falls.  He has performed in Into the Jungle (2013), Delusions of Grandeur (2014), and Galaxy Mixtape (2016).  Besides these shows he has performed with Sissy's Sircus multiple times at King's and Queen's bar in downtown Waterloo.  Besides being a dancer in  Sissy's Sircus he continued to work behind the scenes helping with set construction, lighting, hair, makeup, media, costuming, and choreographing numbers.

He performed his farewell show with Sissy's Sircus at Cedar Valley Pride 2016 shortly before moving out of Iowa and settling in Atlanta, Georgia.  With the move he changed his name to Buster Von Strapp to embrace this new chapter in his burlesque career.

Besides performing Buster is interested in continuing to choreograph new dances, and specifically has interest in choreographing songs that blur the line between genders in terms of the types of movements employed.  He also has interest in finding other talents and mixing them into burlesque.  Buster's style of performance can vary from comedic tap dancing in flippers to down and dirty stripping.  He enjoys testing out the limits of what he is capable of doing and has dabbled in other types of performance such as finding ways to add juggling, and do partner hand balancing in burlesque shows.

He served as a Co-Producer and the Creative Director of Whole Lotta Ankle, a renaissance burlesque benefit to raise money for renaissance festival artists and performers medical expenses.

Buster has most recently become a member of the CandyBox Revue and is very excited to begin performing with them.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bustervonstrapp/

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