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Giovanna Serra

Elle vous séduira...

Performing since 2017

Burlington, Vermont - USA

Comme un fleur du mal, elle vous séduira. Soft and sultry, enticing and entrancing, mysterious and as haunting as night-blooming jasmine. You will be taken in by the way she moves, craving her attention. Like the darkness of the night and shadows, she invites you into those places that you only dare to go in the privacy of your own fantasies.

Giovanna Serra has been dancing and performing since a young age, and enjoys everything from Bellydance to Bachata. A lover of all bodies, she sees Burlesque as a way to deeply embrace who we are and who we want to be, while exploring our unique forms and expression, giving us an opportunity to be truly embodied.

Giovanna Serra is a Stage Kitten for the Green Mountain Caberet

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MzGiovannaSerra
Troupes: Green Mountain Caberet

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