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Cybil Unrest

Burlesque Anarchy at it's Best!

There is never a dull moment in this woman's life, Cybil Unrest is Burlesque Anarchy at it’s best! Founder of the burlesque ensemble Truth or Dare Dance Troupe in 2012, teacher of Cybil Unrest's School of Undress and eclectic retro-burlesque artist Cybil Unrest sucks you in and spits you out again!

Cybil’s quest for performing has swept her off her feet. Winner and producer of the 2017 Nugget Fringe Festival for Let’s Misbehave: A Burlesque Experience, Miss Unrest has enjoyed the absolute pleasure of performing with Nevada County’s Naughty Bawdy Revue, The Vixen Dames, Bow-tie Beauties, Tahoe’s Beautiful Anarchy, Oakland's Tight & Nerdy, and Truckee's Redlight Revue, she's been known to pop up at a private event or two, San Francisco’s world famous Hubba Hubba Review, and Bootie at DNA Lounge.

Cybil is a classically trained burlesque dancer with shaken but not stirred comedic spirit. She ran away from the traditional dance world back in 2001 to embrace her newfound reason for living…..ultra-glam, sexy, comedy burlesque! Miss Unrest is known for putting an outrageous twist on her burlesque character acts and starting a revolution in your pants. Cybil is a born performer and her acts include everything from over-the-top funny to downright sexy. You will definitely be a fan of Cybil Unrest and how she gets undressed!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cybilunrest1/

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