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Perlita Picante

La Hot Mamacita

Perlita Picante, a sassy Guayaquileña living in Olympia, WA, discovered Burlesque after a few years of training and performing Bellydance in the Olympia area. Her love of the stage came from her fascination with Latin American Vedettes and late night adult humor.

It wasn’t until 2010 when she finally had the opportunity to debut her ass-ets as a Burlesque artist, when she auditioned to perform Tush! Burlesque’s show “Wet Dreams”.  In 2011 she co-founded Rock Candy Burlesque, where she proudly served until 2016 as a performer as well as graphic artist, social media guru and webmistress for the troupe. She’s eclectic and classic with a dash of Latin spice, she’s Olympia’s Mamacita, La Hot Perlita Picante!

Perlita is featured among other talented performers in the Ohio Burlesque Blog, for the Hispanic Heritage Month 2016. Find the article here.

Website: http://lahotperlita.com/

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