Burlesque b*

Myrtha Meadows

The Burlesque Ballerina

Performing since 2012

Stokholm, Stokholm - Sweden

After a severe dance related injury, that resulted in chronic pain and not being able to move that much for 9 - 10 years, Myrtha decided it was time to get back on stage! When waking up from her years in "hibernation" she discovered burlesque, and fell in love... She has many years experience of being on stage as a dancer. In her numbers she uses her ballet training, and calls what she does "burlesque ballet". Her performances are appreciated for their mix of classic elegance and sassy wit!

Myrtha Meadows is also a vintage fashionista who loves pretty dresses, especially from the 40s and 50s, has too many shoes to fit under her bed (but will get more), and is addicted to Swarovski crystals. She is a model at Nocturnal Agency and BestTalent, but also freelances a lot!

FEATURED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8M5nVOQ9vJhAi29jq_d3fg

Website: http://meadowspearls.wixsite.com/myrthameadows

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