Macabre Noir

Pittsburgh's 2012 Freak of The Year, Bizarre Burlesque Babe of Kabarett Vulgare

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - USA

Macabre Noir is the embodiment of a true artistic soul as she brings a deep dark elegance to the world of burlesque and sideshow.
Dedicated to the art of stage, she performs routines based in traditional numbers but Macabre twists and turns them into a deeper, darker, artistic expression.
This diminutive, Lovecraftian stunner entices audiences into the furthest most recesses of the human libido.
The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native is one of Kabarett Vulgare's premiere burlesque vixens, but also a skilled glass 
walker, executing stunts with grace and beauty that most men dare not attempt, winning her title of Pittsburgh's 2012 Freak of The Year.  She is ever-evolving and learning new aspects of the sideshow and burlesque worlds and modifying them to create hybrid performances that are truly Macabre Noir originals.  She is a founding and core member of Kabarett since the group's start in Pittsburgh in late 2011, but has been guest performing with the Charlotte, North Carolina's Kabarett Vulgare troupe since 2009 travelling up and down the east coast and midwest.

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